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Antigen-presenting cells, such as dendritic cells, form an intimate contact with T cells to transfer antigenic signals (1), co-stimulatory signals (2) and paracrine cytokine signals (3). In this so-called immunological synapse, a variety of immunomodulating molecules aggregate to drive signaling that leads to activation and proliferation of immune effector cells such as T cells and NK cells. We developed unique semi-flexible polymers decorated with a variety of immunomodulating molecules to mimic natural antigen presenting cells. These ‘immunofilaments’ are designed to specifically activate and expand immune cells such as antigen specific cytotoxic T cells, CAR-T cells, or NK cells. Our immunofilaments not only effectively expand immune cells ex vivo, but can also drive expansion of immune cells in vivo, resulting in inhibition of tumor growth or metastasis.

For further reading:

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