Simmunext biotherapeutics develops novel immunotherapies by mimicking immune cell function through its proprietary polymer platform technology.
We aim to develop synthetic off-the-shelf solutions to directly stimulate and expand immune cells in order to fight cancer and (auto)immune diseases.


Cancer patient’s immune cells are often affected by immunosuppressive mechanisms developed by the tumor.
Therefore, cancer vaccines may function suboptimal as the potency of antigen presenting cells is hampered.
This prompted us to exploit our extensive background in tumor immunology and our knowledge of chemical-immunology at Radboud University medical center, to develop ’Immunofilaments’ for direct activation of immune cells.
Such immunofilaments provide an off-the-shelf solution with constant quality to manipulate immune cells with high precision.
Simmunext is a spin-off of Radboudumc and Oncode Institute. The goal is to bring immunofilaments to the market.
Our People

Henri Theunissen
CEO & co-founder

Henri holds a PhD in molecular biology (NKI Amsterdam) and has a long standing background in biotechnology and oncology.
He gained extensive science business experience in biotech and pharma (Organon, Schering-Plough, Merck).  As chief valorization officer (university Maastricht) he founded and developed over 30 companies.

Carl Figdor
CSO & co-founder

Carl Figdor is professor of Chemical-Immunology. He has a long standing track record in immunooncology. He developed several cancer vaccines (dendritic cells, nanoparticles) and translated these to the clinic. More recently he focused on chemical-immunology approaches to develop artificial dendritic cells resulting in synthetic polymeric immunofilaments.

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